Become A More Confident and Influencial Speaker In Just 5 Minutes A Week!


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Now that working from home is the new normal, being able to communicate with confidence on camera and through a microphone in your online meetings and video conferences, is an essential skillset. Learn to do it well and it could future proof your career. Because owning the room now means owning the Zoom room and you do that with your voice.

So, do you like the sound of your speaking voice? And did you know you can train it to sound better just like you can train your body to look better? That’s because your voice is an instrument and once you learn to play it well, it can change every relationship in your life, personal and professional.

Your ability to communicate confidently and connect with people emotionally when you speak can determine your level of success, because you’re only as effective as your ability to communicate. That’s because only 7% of communication comes down to the words you use. The rest is all tone of voice and body language.

And now that we’re all talking heads, body language is pretty much out the window so how you sound is what will determine if people listen to you, really consider your ideas, and follow your lead.

The best way to develop your communication skills and become a more influential speaker is to practice this skillset over time.

Which is why I've created this online video training program, where you’ll get access to a new 3-5 minute video every Monday, 52 weeks year, from me personally, just like this.

Each video lesson will feature one actionable idea or exercise that you can work on throughout the week to become a more influential speaker and effective communicator.

But you only have that one week in which to watch it, because the next week it'll disappear and be replaced by a new video! This strategy will motivate you to actually watch the videos each week and put these ideas into practice in your own life and career.

You’ll also be invited into our private Facebook group where you can post your progress, ask me questions, and connect with other members in a supportive environment. So I'm confident that you'll find the value of this program far exceeds the nominal fee I'm charging for it.

I look forward to helping you realize all the power and potential of your own unique voice through this online video training program.


• Become A More Influential Speaker
• Improve Your Presence In Online Meetings
• Speak So People Will Hear You And Actually Want To Listen
• Unlock Your Authentic Voice To Build Trust and Foster Connection
• Overcome Camera Shyness So You Can Own The Zoom Room
• Communicate With Confidence on Camera





I'm Joshua Seth, and you've probably heard my voice before. As the voice of over 100 animated TV shows and movies, hundreds of commercials, and thousands of promos I've been communicating to millions of people with just my voice for over 20 years.

Now I'm showing people how to speak with influence, communicate with confidence, and unleash the power of their own unique voice as well.

As a Keynote Speaker and executive speaking coach I help leaders learn to use the power of their voice to motivate, influence, and insipre. 

I'm also the author of the best-selling book, Finding Focus In A Changing World, and have presented at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and some of the world’s most innovative companies including Pfizer, Uber, Adobe, Deloitte, and Disney.

Fun Fact: Before becoming a motivational speaker, I toured the world with my own psychological illusion show. Performing live on stage in over 40 countries, in 5 International TV specials, and in front of 20,000 people at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas!

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Become A More Confident and Influencial Speaker In Just 5 Minutes A Week!

"I love the idea of 5 minute lessons—it makes me not put it on the “I’ll get to it later” list." - Nancy L.



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  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Private Facebook Community
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