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The online video training course is designed to unlock the power of your voice so you can speak with influence, communicate with confidence, and sound like a better version of you. You'll get bite sized videos delivered to your inbox every day for a month. Includes lifetime access. Start anytime. 

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Do you like the sound of your speaking voice? And did you know you can train it to sound better just like you can train your body to look better? That’s because your voice is an instrument and once you learn to play it well it will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Your ability to communicate confidently and connect with people emotionally when you speak will determine your level of sales and leadership success, because you’re only as effective as your ability to communicate. That’s because only 7% of communication comes down to the words you use. The rest is all tone of voice and body language. So how you sound will determine if people listen to you follow what you have to say.

Which is why I've created this online video training program.

Each short video lesson will feature one actionable idea or exercise that you can use to unlock the power of your voice to become a more influential speaker and confident communicator so you can stand out as a leader in your field. 


• Become A More Influential Speaker
• Speak So People Will Hear You And Actually Want To Listen
• Unlock Your Authentic Voice To Build Trust and Foster Connection
• Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking / Camera Shyness 
• Communicate With Confidence
• Sound Like a Better Version of You



I'm Joshua Seth, and you've probably heard my voice before. As the voice of over 100 animated TV shows and movies, hundreds of commercials, and thousands of promos I've been communicating to millions of people with just my voice for over 20 years.

Now I'm showing leaders how to speak with influence, communicate with confidence, and unleash the power of their own unique voice through my Keynote Speeches and as the host of the Voiceover Champions podcast. 

I look forward to helping you sound like a better version of you... so when you speak, people listen.

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Become A More Confident and Influencial Speaker
And Unlock The Power Of Your Own Unique Voice

30 Day Voice Training Course



  • 30 Bite Sized Video trainings delivered to your inbox every day for a month
  • Exercises to help you Sound like A Better Version of You

  • Access to our Private Facebook Community

  • Includes Lifetime Access to the Course and All Updates