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Joshua Seth is a celebrity voice actor and mentalist who specializes in presenting high-energy speeches and shows about the creative power of your mind to innovate new realities.

He's an internationally renowned mentalist who's performed his Psychological Illusions show at over 2,000 live events, starred in four international TV specials, and toured to over 40 countries.

He's also the author of the best-selling book "Finding Focus In A Busy World" and speaks to organizations about how to harness the power of your mind create innovation and eliminate distraction. 

But despite all that, Joshua's still best known for his career as one of the busiest voice over actors in Hollywood. He's been heard by millions as the star of the hit animated series "Digimon", the star of anime masterpiece "Akira", various voices on "Spongebob Squarepants", and over 70 other TV shows and movies.


Joshua Seth trained as a performing artist at New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where he completed a four year program in just two years with a double major and honors level performance. How did he do it? Focus.

Joshua lives on a little island the Gulf coast of Florida and enjoys paddle boarding with dolphins when not on tour.

Genuinely amazing and flat-out funny
— Broadway World
Amazingly Captivating
— American Entertainment Magazine
A Multi-talented Bundle of Energy
— Review Plays