Mentalist Joshua Seth at Howl O Scream '17

Here's Your Spooky Mindreading Show for Howl O Scream!

IMAGINE a customized, fast-paced, family-friendly, halloween-themed mentalism show that will be the talk of Howl O Scream...

Internationally acclaimed mentalist Joshua Seth will absolutely astonish you with this customized presentation of the award winning show that he's performed in over 40 countries and on 4 international TV specials. Thoughts are read, predictions come true, and your imagination is inverted in this mind-blowing, one of a kind show.

Fast paced and quick to re-set, Joshua can perform this in front of the curtain up to 4 times a night at Busch Gardens Tampa throughout October. And since he lives right in St Petersburg, you don't even have to worry about travel. I predict your audiences will love it ;-)