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I've had a few questions about my next Voice Training Bootcamp. So if you're interested in joining us for this, read on.

When is it?

My next Online Voice Training Bootcamp will take place from Feb 1st - Feb 5th

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to improve their speaking and communication skills. From business leaders, to salespeople, to voice over actors, to professional speakers. The skills you will learn in this online bootcamp will benefit you for the rest of your life.

I might not be able to make it next week, how often do you run it?

I do this training regularly for corporate groups, typically after they have me present my communication skills keynote speech. But this is the first time in 5 months I'm offering it up to the public. The next one might not be until summer.

How long does it take each day?

About an hour a day. You can watch the training videos whenever you have time and then join me for the daily wrapups and the Zoom coaching call at the end of the program that Friday.

What will I learn?

• Improve Your Presence In Online Meetings

• Become A More Confident and Influential Speaker

• Speak So People Will Hear You And Actually Want To Listen

• Unlock Your Authentic Voice To Build Trust and Foster Connection

• Overcome Fear of Public Speaking So You Can Magnify Your Message

What's the schedule?

DAY 1: We'll get off to a quick start with an overview of vocal archetypes and a self assessment, as well as some quick fixes for issues that may have been holding you back so you can speak with confidence.

DAY 2: The breath is the foundation of your voice and supports all the sounds that you make. This day is devoted to learning and practicing a variety of exercises that will strengthen your breath control so you can speak with power.

DAY 3: Discover the 5 foundations of voice and how you can use them to become a more dynamic and influential speaker.

DAY 4: Body language, movement, gesture, and their connection to your voice. Learn how to use your body to support and magnify your personal power when your speak.

DAY 5: We wrap things up in a big way with our goup coaching call on Zoom. This is where you get to apply what you've learned in the bootcamp, ask questions, and get live feedback from Joshua Seth.

Will this sell out?

Attendance is limited to just 25 people and it's over half full already, so if you're interested you want to reserve your spot now:

I have more questions, how can I get in touch wih you?

Feel free to email me here.  I'm happy to help.

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