Voice Acting Tips: What Is Your Money Voice?

Voice Acting Tips: What Is Your Money Voice?

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What is "Your Money Voice" in voice acting? It's the voice that books you the gig! Here's what I did wrong when I started my voice over career and how you can do it right.

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What is the voice that you can do that other people will pay you to do? Nnot to show them that you can do 100 different things. What's the voice that books you the gig. That's your money voice.

This was one of my big mistakes in the early years of my career and why it took me seven years until my career really took off. This was one of the big lessons I had to learn.

I was trying to impress people with how talented I was, and how versatile I was, when what I should have been doing was clearly identifying that one money voice that would get me hired and get the ball rolling.

My money voice in animation is the one I did in Digimon. Some version of that is easily 80% of the work that I did. I never once did my impression of Dudley Doright even though it was in my demo.

It makes it hard for an agent or a casting director to determine how to use you if you're all over the place like I was. What I thought was me showing how talented I am by doing so many different voices got me an agent but it worked against me in terms of getting gigs because they couldn't really categorize me.

Oh wait a second Joshua, doesn't that make me typecast?

Yes, that's what you want. You you want to be typecast. Because you want to be cast. After you're cast, then you can show the world what you're capable of. And then you can broaden your range and take different types of roles because you have different opportunities. But you have to have some opportunity that pays off originally. And that comes in the form of being able to identify and communicate to others what your money voice is.

In the voiceover world, the term "your money voice" means that voice that you do that books you the gig.

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