Introducing The #1 Super Fun Virtual Game Show

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As I write this, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles, getting ready to emcee another virtual conference from a production studio out here. After a year of lockdowns, it's early morning flights and airplanes and nondescript hotel rooms again. Yes!

I've been having so much fun hosting these virtual events that it got me thinking about hosting in general.

What if I could combine all the interactive entertainment segments I do at these events with some trivia and timers and turn the whole thing into a virtual game show that organizations can use as a live online team building experience?

And thus, The #1 Super Fun Virtual Game Show was born!

I laugh every time I say the show name in my over the top announcer voice 😂 😂

Check out the trailer to get a sense of how this works. Oh, and btw, the game show is completely customizable around your organization and theme!

This Virtual Game Show Experience Includes:

• Trivia (customizable of course)

• Magic (between rounds)

• Music (and lots of fun sound effects, just like a real game show)

• Scavenger Hunts

• Bingo (and other interactive games)

• And Prizes (lots and lots of prizes!)

Are you planning a virtual event? Are you looking for an incentive or reward for your remote team? Interested in having a fun and engaging online teambuilding experience?

Then the #1 Super Fun Virtual Game Show is for you!

Seriously though, let me know if you'd like to jump on a Zoom so I can let you play a free round and see if it'd be a fun team building activity for your group.

Personally, hosting these virtual game shows is the most fun I've had since meetings and events started being held on Zoom. In many ways it's better than doing this format in person. Yes, I said it, virtual events can be better than live ones. Let's connect, so you can see for yourself.

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