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How To Lead Effectively and Communicate Influentially While We're All Working From Home

Last night I did a virtual presentation for a dozen executives and CEOs from some of the biggest companies in Japan.

It was strange pivoting from giving interviews about voicing my new movie to speaking about how to improve your own vocal communication skills.

But it was easy to make the turn becuase I'm doing all these meetings from home now... and my guess is, so are you.

This Isn't Going To Change Anytime Soon.

Leadership training now means learning to communicate with confidence and influence in your online meetings. That's why I'm starting to train their teams.

Because the future of work has arrived in the form of one long, never ending Zoom meeting!

The sooner we improve our ability to communicate with confidence in our online meetings the more we'll be able to profit from this unprecidented change in our lives.

Business is done in virtual meetings now. Remote work is here to stay.

Now that working from home is the new normal, being able to communicate with confidence on camera and through a microphone in your online meetings and video conferences, is an essential skillset. Learn to do it well and it could future proof your career.

Because owning the room now means owning the Zoom room and you do that with your voice.

Become A More Confident and Influencial Speaker In Just 5 Minutes A Week.

Last month I launched a new low-cost online training program for people who may not have a lot of time to commit to improving thier communication skills but understand how important it is to do start working on this now.

It's designed to help you become a more confident and influential speaker in just 5 minutes a week. And it costs less than $2 a week to do it. 

You can find out more about it here:

(Thanks to Philippe Grall from Equilibre for putting on this virtual event in Japan)

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