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March 2022 Tour Updates

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Live events are back baby! I've been out on tour and having a blast! Here are some highlights from this month of in-person shows and speeches...

• I performed mind-blowing mentalism shows at Corporate Events in Florida, Colleges in the North East, Cruise Ships in the Caribbean, and at The Houston Rodeo in Texas just last weekend. Whew, what a run!

• Appeared at both in-person and virtual anime conventions to sign autographs and connect with the fans (upcoming April appearances listed below)

• Was the Keynote Speaker for the National Retail Association's annual conference where I spoke about The Magic of Thinking Differently

• Premiered my new cirque-style production show "Joshua Seth's IMAGINE" in Orlando for a corporate audience of 1,000 people! 

We're cutting together the IMAGINE video now and looking forward to bringing it to theaters and national conferences later this year. (More info soon) In the meantime, here's my new for 2022 promo video for my solo mentalism show...

Upcoming Tour Dates

I'm looking forward to meeting the fans, signing some autographs, and speaking about voice acting, creativity, and communication skills at these conventions in April:

I'll be appearing at The Trading Card Game Con in Louisville, KY on April 2-3

I'll be appearing at The Fayetteville Comic Con in North Carolina on April 23-24

Joshua Seth is a celebrity voice actor, turned communication skills keynote speaker.

His mission is to help leaders unlock the power of their voice so they can speak with influence, communicate with confidence, and sound like a better version of themselves.

Joshua's known to millions as the voice of over 100 animated TV shows and movies, and can be heard in everything from Akira to Spongebob Squarepants. But he’s best known as the star of Digimon, voicing the main character Tai for the past 20 years in both the hit TV series and all 8 movies, helping it become the 75th highest grossing media franchise in the world.

He’s the author of the upcoming book "Communicate With Impact" (2023, New You Publishing). Joshua has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and presentations over the past 10 years for many of the world's top companies and professional organizations.

For information on Joshua’s keynote speeches and workshops visit

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