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Wow! Brian was one of the students in my very first online voice training class a couple of months ago. He was on our group coaching call this weekend and I was blown away when I heard how much his voice had changed, just by doing the exercises I teach in the Voice Training Bootcamp!

As Brian says, "I wanted to make my voice stronger... because I had a very young sounding voice. At my job I get told I sound like a kid even though I'm nearly 30. Now 2 months later I do feel that my voice is resonating a lot better. I talked to my boss recently and he said "who the heck are you?""

I should say so. Just listen for yourself in the short video below. Congratulations Brian! Voice training works and you are living proof of that. 

We're all basically talking heads now, so sounding confident, powerful, and inluential when you speak is more important than ever. It's the most important communication skill for the new virtual economy.

If you'd like to improve your speaking voice to sound more confident and influential too, then add your name to the waiting list for my next 5 day virtual Voice Training Bootcamp!

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The Bootcamp runs every 3 months and usually sells out from the waiting list. The sooner you add your name the better chance you'll have of getting in for the next one. 

NOTE: Corporate meetings and events can host their own virtual communication skills bootcamp anytime. Contact Joshua for more info.

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