The Making of The Most Viral Magic Video In The World

You've probably already seen the viral video titled “Groom levitates at wedding” or “Bride puts a spell on her groom”. It's had over 10 million views on Facebook, 7 million views on YouTube, been featured on all the major news networks as well as TMZ, People, Time, Buzzfeed, the front page of Reddit, Huffington Post, and on sites all over the world. 

Well, I shot that video. And with it, helped generate world-wide media attention, the kind money simply can't buy.

Whenever I get onsite at an event I look for opportunities to create unforgettable magic moments, make them play bigger, and maximize their impact on the audience. Usually that’s at a conference or corporate event. This time it happened to be at my friend’s wedding :-)

In today's hyperconnected, social media infused, digitally driven world, effective promotion is less about fancy production values and more about making a connection with your audience. Sure, there was a whole professional video crew there, but my iPhone video that I shot in one contiuous take from the audience’s POV is the one that caught fire.

As a corporate entertainer and creative consultant I've had the opportunity to participate in all kinds of events all over the world. My psychological illusion shows have opened big Las Vegas conventions and closed intimate C-suite retreats. I’ve even created a few TV specials as far away as Japan and South Korea. In every instance this has been the secret of my success:

Focus on the process of doing your best possible work in the present moment, without regard for goals or outcomes. Just do everything as well as you possibly can, better and better each time, with the intention of continuous improvement. What I refer to in my book as "perfectingism".

When you approach every event with a focus on making it the biggest and best that it can possibly be, you never know what might happen. 

Congratulations to the bride and groom. Here's the video I shot of their first dance. 200 people were there. 20 million people have now seen the video. Amazing!

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