Joshua Seth on The Today Show

Joshua Seth on The Today Show 

A few years ago I had the opportunity to appear on The Today Show in NYC. But not as a comedy hypnotist or mentalist. Not even for my voice acting in over 65 animated series and movies. They wanted me on the show as a male model! No kidding. I was as surprised as anyone.

Turns out they were doing a segment on how to dress for success for men under 5'8". They couldn't get Tom Cruise or Danny Devito, so they naturally called me.  

The Today Show offered me an all expense paid trip to NYC plus I got to keep all the clothes I was photographed wearing! What would you do? Right, I jumped at the chance.

As an added bonus, I went to college at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, so at was also an opportunity to go visit my alma mater and explore NYC for a few days. 

This is the hallway leading into the SNL set. So exciting!

When it came time to film the spot I went in for hair and makeup at Rockefeller Center and was then told to wait for my call time... on the set of Saturday Night Live! Amazing!! I couldn't resist the chance to jump onstage and stand where so many comedy great have broadcast their genius, so I did. 

The whole experience was great, but I've never actually seen the spot until now.  I don't think they ever put it up on YouTube.  Anyway, enjoy this rare glimpse of what I'm sure could have been a whole different career as a male model :-)

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