Motivational Speech on Focus for College Students

Wow! Just wow! I never thought so many people would turn out for my Finding Focus talk at the recent National Convention for Campus Activities but they packed the room and then some. When the seats all got filled, people stood in the back and out into the hallway for the full hour. I was really stunned and excited by the response.

College students are under more pressure now than ever before. They’re inundated with a constant stream of information and technological distractions. So it’s more important now than ever to know how to go from distracted and overwhelmed to focused and productive. 

And especially, how to eliminate the technological distractions that can get in the way of good grades and great life experiences.

But we all need this, right. Myself included. That's why I wrote a book on focus and productivity and have been touring the country, speaking at college campuses and corporate events on this topic lately. 

Here's a few minutes of the talk in the video below. I hope you'll get both an "Aha" moment or two and a "Hmmm" insight from it. Enjoy!


Oh, and if you'd like me to come give a motivational speech on focus to your students click here