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Motivational Speech on Focus for College Students

College students are under more pressure now than ever before. They’re inundated with a constant stream of information and technological distractions. So it’s more important now than ever to know how to go from distracted and overwhelmed to focused and productive. 

And especially, how to eliminate the technological distractions that can get in the way of good grades and great life experiences. But...

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How To Get Your Email To Inbox Zero In Under An Hour

The more things you have in your inbox, the more things you have on your mind. Everything in your inbox represents a commitment of time and focus. But just because someone sends you an email doesn’t mean they own a piece of your life. Multiply that email by the hundreds of emails most of us get each day and you have one of the greatest threats to focus and productivity that we face on a continuous basis. 

It can literally waste hours of your day just going through emails and deleting or responding to them. If you do this before your three most important tasks, then you are unlikely to ever get any meaningful work done. 

Focus on clearing out your inbox for one hour. Time yourself and stick to that limit. Work fast and ruthlessly. Do one of these three things with each email...

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