Joshua Seth is the voice of some of the most popular Anime characters of all time and has been heard on over 70 animated TV shows and movies as well as hundreds of commercials and literally thousands of promos. 

Millions of kids grew up listening to Joshua as the starring role of Tai, the leader of the Digimon. 

To adult fans of animation, he's best known as the villainous voice of Tetsuo, the starring role in the animated masterpiece, Akira (2001) as well as Hige in Wolfs Rain and 009 in Cyborg Soldier 009.

About a decade ago, Joshua voiced in "The Spongebob Squarepants Movie" and then left Hollywood to go on tour with his live stage show as a mentalist. Since then, he's starred in two of his own prime-time TV specials in Japan, two more in South Korea, and performed at over 2,000 live events in over 40 countries. 

He now speaks about the benefits of thinking differently to enhance your creative output and innovate new concepts.

Oh, and he's the star of the new Digimon Tri movies (2016-2017) Read the full story of Joshua Seth's return to the big screen.

Akira is probably one of the influential and iconic works in all of manga and anime,
— Forbes

Commercial Demo

As heard on hundreds of national TV and Radio commercials. The voice of Tower Records.

Promo Demo

As heard on thousands of promos.
The voice of Kids WB.

Animation Demo

As heard on over 70 animated TV shows and movies.
The voice of your childhood.