Have an Assembly on Mindfulness and Study Habits
Followed by Joshua's "Psychological Illusions" show that night

Are Your Students Stressed Out and Overwhelmed?
Is it affecting their grades? Their attitudes? Their health?

Students are under more pressure now than ever before. They’re inundated with a constant stream of information - and technological distractions are everywhere. So it's more important now than ever to know how to go from distracted and overwhelmed to focused and productive.

In this high-energy /  high-content speech, based on his best-selling book Finding Focus In A Busy World: How To Tune Out The Noise and Work Well Under Pressure, Joshua Seth shows students specific actions they can take to get more done in less time and eliminate the distractions that can get in the way of good grades and great life experiences.


It's also a lot of fun, because as a real-life mentalist Joshua Seth opens and closes his presentation with mind-blowing effects that serve to instantly engage the entire audience and act as a metaphor for the premise of the entire talk. 

With students especially, if you don't hook 'em in the first 5 minutes they'll miss everything else you have to say. This never happens when Joshua speaks. They'll sit up, take notes, ask questions, and put these ideas into action.

After this presentation, your students will be motivated to:

• Apply mindfulness to their study habits

• Focus on the present moment and make it count

• Use social media as a reward break - not background noise

• Supercharge their homework and test preparation with "The Pomodoro Technique"

• Use music to train their brains to enter "the zone" (equally powerful before big test as it is before the big game)

• Stop being misdirected by technological distractions

• Apply these techniques to excelling in any field - not just academics

Discover how to program your mind to FOCUS so you can become more productive, creative, and successful in everything you do.

About Joshua Seth

Joshua Seth is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, psychological illusionist, and voice over actor.

As a speaker and author he’s written the best-selling productivity book "Finding Focus In A Busy World: How To Tune Out The Noise and Work Well Under Pressure". His dynamic presentations show students how to go from distracted and overwhelmed to focused and productive. Joshua's presented at hundreds of college campuses (including Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford University).

As a psychological illusionist, he's won awards from Hollywoodʼs Magic Castle and was nominated as "Best Male Entertainer" and "Best Live Variety Show" by Campus Activities Magazine for his mind-blowing thought experiments.

And as one of Hollywood's top voice actors Joshua is best known as "Tai", the star of the hit TV show and Movie "Digimon", as well as various voices on Spongebob Squarepants, and the title role in the critically acclaimed anime movie Akira.

Joshua Seth trained in cognitive psychology and performance at New York University's "Tisch School of the Arts" in Manhattan.

He lives on an island on the Gulf coast of Florida with his two children, Tiger and Nikita, and enjoys swimming and paddle boarding when not on tour.