Keynote Speech
Creative Innovation: The Magic of Thinking Differently

In this entertaining keynote experience, mentalist Joshua Seth (author of the best-selling book Finding Focus) uses mind-blowing thought experiments to  demonstrate how we can all become more creative and innovative by thinking differently.  The world is changing faster than ever before, we must become creatively innovative or risk being left behind.

This keynote is fun, engaging, and delivers the 5 keys to unlock your creativity and achieve innovation in any field.

After this presentation, you'll be motivated to:


• Make new connections

• Focus on the present moment and make it count

• Question assumptions and look at familiar things in new ways

• Stop being misdirected by technological distractions

• Dream up new ideas from fresh perspectives

• Make the impossible possible

It's also a lot of fun because, as a world renowned mentalist, Joshua illustrates his points with interactive demonstrations that inspire, entertain, and make an impact.

Keynote Speech
Finding Focus: 21 Ideas To Eliminate Distraction and Overwhelm So You Can Get Your Life Back

Joshua Seth's book on how to implement your ideas & do your best work

Discover how to go from overworked and overwhelmed to energized and productive by programming your mind to FOCUS. 

Don't let all those great ideas get stuck in your head! Work smarter, not harder, and get more of the right things done with less time and effort. 

Best-selling author Joshua Seth (Finding Focus In A Busy World: How To Tune Out The Noise and Work Well Under Pressure) delivers 21 Ideas to "master your morning, double your productivity, and get your life back".

These are fast, fun, actionable ideas you can use immediately - and they're bookended with mind-blowing psychological illusions that engage the audience and challenge them to overcome overwhelm, embrace change, and Think Differently.


Joshua Seth's Client List Includes...