Looking for SOMETHING DIFFERENT at your next event?

In this entertaining and informative talk, Joshua uses mind-blowing thought experiments to demonstrate the 5 psychological principles that allow us to shift our focus and think innovatively, then links them to lessons that can be applied to business and life. After this presentation, your audience will be inspired to:

• Question their assumptions and look at familiar things in new ways

• Stop being misdirected by technological distractions

• Make every moment count

• Dream up new ideas

• Make the impossible possible

• Break through to the next level by looking at problems as opportunities to create magical solutions

Joshua Seth - author of the best-selling book Finding Focus In a Busy World - will show you how to shift your FOCUS so you can think about challenges differently and bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. 

It's also a lot of fun because, as a world renowned mentalist, Joshua illustrates his points with interactive demonstrations that engage the audience, entertain, and make an impact.

Innovative thinking can produce amazing results when you shift your focus and think like a mentalist.
— Joshua Seth

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