Joshua Seth is the voice of Tai on Digimon, Tetsuo in Akira, Chaos in Xenosaga, Hige in Wolfs Rain, Shobu in Duel Masters, Cyborg 009 in Cyborg Soldier 009, Young Knives in Trigun, Lord Dio in Last Exile, Elk in Arc The Lad, etc etc. The list goes on and on. If you're a fan of anime you know who he is. Joshua's even voiced  in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie! 


When Joshua Seth does an animation panel at your con, it's much more than just audience Q&A. He tells the  story of how he went from growing up around cows and cornfields in a small town in Ohio - to voicing some of the most popular Anime characters ever - to burning out from the pressure and leaving Hollywood - to reinventing himself as a live performer and touring the world! It's motivational, it's inspirational, and it's all true. 

get free tv exposure to promote your con

Joshua Seth is happy to appear on local TV and radio shows, print media, and blogs to promote your comic-con. He's an easy guest to book because of his unique ability to read the host's minds live on the air while being interviewed about his voice over work. Watch the TV spots below to see how this plays out.


Joshua Seth performs over 100 dates a year as a Comedy Hypnotist & Mentalist. His “HypnoMental” Comedy Hypnosis Show is a powerhouse tour-de-force of high-energy hypnosis like you've never sen before. Men give birth to space aliens, babies then rap in Japanese, while the ladies drag race and pick up their dream dates for starters. Imagine hundreds of people packed wall-to-wall in one of the most unique and memorable events at your con. 

Or, have Joshua perform his psychological illusion show, where minds are read, predictions come true, and imaginations are put to the test. As seen by millions on live TV in Japan and South Korea and at hundreds of college campuses!

Joshua's LIVE event Reviews

“Best Event We’ve Had on Campus!” 
– Stanford University

“Laughed so hard it made me cry” 
– US Naval Academy

“This show was phenomenal… captivating”
– Brookdale College

“Excellent! Great performer, great attendance” 
– Towson University

“Joshua Rocked!” – Misericordia University

“That Was An Awesome Show!” 
– Florida Gulf Coast University

“5 Star Performer” – Saint Anselm College

“By far the best show we’ve had this year” 
 – Rochester Institute of Technology

“Joshua had the entire audience engaged” 
– Pace University

“Great Show. Awesome turnout. Best so far!”
– Univ. of Southern Maine 

“Packed the house! The students loved it. Josh is super easy to work with.” – University of Idaho

"Joshua was wonderful to work with. The students had a great time. I was expecting a good show but what I got was exceptional. Will bring him back.” 
– University of Tampa

And Hundreds More.

About Joshua Seth

As one of Hollywood's top voice actors Joshua has given life to over 65 animated TV series, feature films, and video games. Audiences will recognize Joshua Seth's voice as the starring role of "Tai" on the hit TV show and Movie "Digimon", as well as on dozens of other animated shows like Spongebob Squarepants, Trigun, Wolf's Reign, Cyborg Soldier 009, and Akira.

He is also a world touring comedy hypnotist and mentalist who's won awards from Hollywoodʼs famed Magic Castle and was twice nominated as "Best Male Entertainer" and "Best Live Variety Show" by Campus Activities Magazine for his mind-blowing mystery entertainment.

His book, Finding Focus In A Busy World is a #1 best-seller on Amazon and a great resource for creative people in all fields to discover how to tune out the noise and work well under pressure.

Joshua Seth has starred in four of his own prime-time TV specials in Japan and South Korea, and performed at over 2,000 events in over 30 countries, making him a real life International Man of Mystery.

He trained as a performing artist at New York University's "Tisch School of the Arts" in NYC and lives on the Gulf coast of Florida with his wife and two children.

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